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  • Instant Access to a Carefully Curated group of stock photo collections
  • Get 30 image downloads of your choice every month
  • Immediate Downloads
  • Images in Full Resolution
  • The selected collections will change every month so you always have fresh and seasonal content!
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"If you really want unique, high-end photography for your brand, that sets you apart, I highly recommend Stocklane. You’ll get access to thousands of images that look like you spent thousands to get professionally shot."

- Laura Markz

A Stocklane membership makes your brand look polished and professional at a fraction of the time and cost of hiring a Creative Director, Brand Stylist, Prop Stylist, and Commercial Photographer.

"When I was ready to up my game on Pinterest as a business owner, I quickly noticed that beautiful stock photos perform the best for me there. That's why I love Stocklane - there's a great variety and I can always find beautiful images that align with my brand strategy and look gorgeous alongside my own brand photos."

- Hilary Hartling

The Details

Your Stocklane Capsule membership grants you immediate access to our carefully curated collection of images. You will get a 30 downloads of your choice per month. You will receive personal and single-business commercial use rights to Stocklane images for as long as your membership is active.

Just click on the “Download Now” button for instant download.
New images are added to the library seasonally so you can have fresh content.

Images are full resolution or 300 ppi. Most images are 2240 x 3360.

With your Stocklane membership you can use the images an unlimited number of times online or in print. Images can be used in:

  • All your social media platforms, whether for your own branding or for your posts.
  • Your website and/or blog.
  • Presentations, workbooks, pdfs, marketing materials and any other collateral.

You’re not allowed to use the images for:

  • Work you do for clients/customers or anyone who is not a Stocklane member (please contact us for a Commercial/Agency membership or encourage your customer to get their own membership), including but not limited to, design work, templates, websites, social media, etc., even if the files are not being transferred to the client.
  • Create derivative products such as screensavers, desktop calendars, printables, calendars, prints, fine art prints, templates, mugs, posters, t-shirts, or any other such products, whether for sale or for free.
  • Promotion or sale of another stock service, product or resource.

Additionally, you may not claim the images as your own and you may not sell, loan, or give away the image(s) or give access to your account to a third-party.

Giving credit is not required but it is greatly appreciated!
Stocklane is the sole copyright owner for any and all images and content in the site. Your membership grants you a non-exclusive license for personal or business use. You can read the full User Agreement here.

Your monthly membership gives you the option to download the images of your choice from each month's Capsule.

The number of allowable downloads resets every month, so make sure you download all your images before the next billing period.

Your membership will renew automatically at the end of the month. Your membership will only expire if you cancel your membership. Images that were downloaded, posted or published during the valid licensing term may remain and do not have to be archived or deleted.

Due to the digital nature of our products, there are no refunds.
You can request to cancel your membership at any time. Your membership will remain active until the end of the last month paid. Please be careful to cancel your membership before the automatic renewal, as there will be no refunds once the renewal goes through.

We are currently not offering individual images for purchase or custom work.

If you would like to use Stocklane images for your clients, you either need to purchase an Agency Membership or join our Affiliates Program and encourage your clients to get their own Stocklane account.

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