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Curated stock photography for your online brand.

Exquisite images that instantly elevate your aesthetic, reflect your expertise, and inspire your ideal clients.

Your highest brand aspirations are within reach.

The ethereal magic of editorial images was once limited to a select few with insider access to the best photographers.

Now, refined magazine-level photography is available for your business. You can instantly capture the attention of your ideal clients with elegant, feminine images that set you apart.

"My business exists to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Stocklane lets me convey that vision with gorgeous photography - the kind I'd only ever seen in magazines."

Meggan Stefan, Web & Brand Designer

"When I was ready to up my game on Pinterest as a business owner, I quickly noticed that beautiful stock photos perform the best for me there.  That's why I love Stocklane - there's a great variety and I can always find beautiful images that align with my brand strategy and look gorgeous alongside my own brand photos."

Hilary Hartling, Brand Strategist

"If you really want unique, high-end photography for your brand, that sets you apart, I highly recommend Stocklane. You’ll get access to thousands of images that look like you spent thousands to get professionally shot."

Laura Markz, Marketing Strategist

Visuals for empowered entrepreneurs

Stocklane is stock photography reimagined for you, the businesswoman who believes that a succesful career doesn't always mean pantsuits and boardrooms.

A woman who creates her own destinyand takes time to breathe in the scent of a freshly plucked peony along the way. Who runs successful sales calls and still gets lost in poetry. Who schedules partnership meetings around her child's piano recital.

Stocklane is for you, because you deserve beautiful.


The effortless way to amplify your brand's story.

Emotionally evocative photography anchors your brand value and ignites your clients' imagination.

Studies suggest that 90% of the information our brains process is visual. Images have also been shown to make information more memorable, and your message deserves to be remembered.

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Enrich your marketing with editorial photos at your fingertips.

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Because when it comes to marketing, instant is a very good thing.

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Enhance your website, social media posts, and marketing collateral with beautiful imagery that energizes your business and enthralls clients.

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Quarterly Membership

$197 / quarter
  • Instant Access to a Carefully Curated Collection of Images
  • Immediate and Unlimited Downloads
  • Over 2,200 images to choose from
  • Images in Full Resolution
  • New images added every month
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Monthly Membership

Starting at $37 / Month
  • Instant Access to a Carefully Curated Collection of Images
  • Select the plan that fits your needs: 30, 40 or 50 images per month
  • Over 2,200 images to choose from
  • Immediate Download of Images in Full Resolution
  • New Images added every month
  • Cancel Anytime
  • BONUS - get access to our Member Resources, including Pinterest and Instagram Trainings, Canva Templates and more!
Experience the difference truly excellent photography makes.
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Behind the lens

A photographer who champions your ambitions.

Stocklane photos look like luxury editorial images because they are. Muriel Silva, the artist behind Stocklane, has a background in commercial and editorial photography that informs each photo's styling, composition and lighting.

She creates enchanting imagery that celebrates moments of beauty in life. From the delicate sphere of a macaron, to the power that radiates from a joyful woman, each picture captures a specific emotion.

The purpose of Stocklane is to give you access to sophisticated photography that adds true value to your business - the furthest thing from ordinary stock photos.

"Browsing the Stocklane library gives me the same feeling of 'getting lost in beauty' as an afternoon at the Met. When I meet potential clients I happily share my site and social channels, knowing they're truly representative of my business. "

Maggie Isley, Brand Designer & Coach

"I'd never found stock images that really matched my aesthetic. My brand is anything but generic. Stocklane images have truly upleveled my brand's professionalism without sacrificing the joyful, feminine style I love."

Britta Newton-Tarron, Creative Director & Stylist

"These are exquisite and unique pictures. They are pieces of art that do not need messaging, they tell stories by themselves."

Connie Mandil, Senior Director Marketing, Visa


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